NPP Executives Attacked…Machetes, Sticks Fly While Gunshots Ring Out In Talensi!

talensi 1First Vice-Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Freddie Blay and two other stalwarts of the opposition party, were at the receiving end of a surprise attack by some hoodlums suspected to be activists of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to reports, sporadic gunshots rang through the Talensi constituency capital, Tongo after some unidentified men wielding guns and sticks tried to attack the party’s office but were warded off.

Freddie Blay, the National Treasurer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Abankwah Yeboah and former deputy minister for youth and sports in the Kufuor administration, Rashid Bawa, came off worse in the attck. They are currently receiving treament at a hospital.

The hoodlums first fired at a vehicle parked in front of the office. One of the bullets riped through an empty oil drum and ricocheted off the vehicle parked at the NPP’s party office, shattered some glasses in the process.

The NPP’s First National Vice-Chair confirmed the attack in a live interview with Utv‘s Kwabena Ntow, a couple of minutes ago.

We visited the Balogo polling station to observe whet was going on there. When we got there I saw my friend Woyongo who is the Interior minister and shared jokes with him.

“Soon after he left the place, I saw Azorka and thirty of his boys coming our way…When they got there, Azorka told us that we should vacate the premise within three minutes else blood would flow”, he added.

The threat was followed by a hefty slap which landed on the cheeks of an unnamed NPP person. The next slap was dedicated to the NPP’s National Treasurer Mr. Abankwa; before another’s head was smashed with a heavy stick.

Not even the police or army officers who arrived at the scene could control Mr. Azorka and his men, Mr. Blay recounted.

Moments after the attack, agitated youths of the opposition party barricaded their party office at Tongo, ostensibly to defend it from the suspected thugs. The police had to fire teargas to disperse them.

The party youth are reported to be angry with the security services for alleged indifference when a number of their officials were attacked and beaten up by youths alleged to be from the ruling party’s affiliated Azorka Boys.