After screening and interviews there were two people left for the award.

A good friend (who wasn’t a good friend then) and I. I was confident of landing the award that was partially because I was writing on and was a columnist, made several online publications, magazines and was the deputy-editor of Independence Hall of KNUST as well as an executive member of PENSA-KNUST editorial board.

I knew little of the works of my good friend Ahmed Salim. He was equally great and when I took the time to read his works I was impressed.

On the day of the awards, I was ready for it. There were two of us right? So it was a 50% probability of winning.

I lost the award to my friend and came as a runner up. As expected I felt a bit sad for losing out but it wasn’t a loss.

I lost an award but I won a friend. I won a very good friend with whom we are going to do great things together. I won admiration from people who still remain friends and important contacts.

You see, perhaps your relationship ended but it may not be a loss. You learned what not to do the next time. You learned to be more careful the next time.

I learned to keep improving my writings, I gained experience by associating with another good writer.

Maybe you failed an exam, you may have lost time since you have to write again but you have gained what a lot of people lack; the tenacity and courage to begin again when something goes wrong.

It is not a loss if you learn from it and say NEVER AGAIN will it happen. If you resolve to apply what you learned from losing.

I never lost an election and I contested in a number of them as I served as Vice President and then President but if you lose an election it’s not actually a loss. You know how many people can’t even own up to be “class representatives” even though they want to? The courage alone to contest an election is a trait not so many people have.
The ability to campaign to different groups of people, obviously some of them won’t like you. This develop your speaking skills and sharpen your human relations.

So I don’t count it as a loss, you actually gained experience which is not taught in a college class. You don’t learn it in the church, you only learn when you go through it. When you try and fail.

When you have seen it all, you are more resolute than someone who has no idea how it feels like. I face my goals with confidence because I have gone through it all and came out on the other side smiling.

You were cheated in business? It was not a loss, you have learned not to easily dish out your trust without prior knowledge. You have learned to be more cautious next time. You are more experienced now.

I believe that bad things happen in life sometimes and we don’t have to come out of it bitter but better.

Take out the positives from the negative situation and move on. Arm yourself with the experience and be resolute.

Not all that you lose is a loss. If he or she left, learn to do it right the next time, if you failed, decide not to fail again, if you made a mistake it’s your responsibility to get it right again.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Don’t see it to be a loss.

There is always a silver lining in every cloud. In the darkness, the stars do appear. Don’t dwell on the darkness, look at the stars.

You didn’t lose, you learned, you gained experience.

You didn’t fail, you know what not to do next time.

Now go ahead and win!

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