Have you ever walked up to a door and think it’s locked, only for a friend to come and push the door open?

Yeah, it has happened to me. We are used to having doors closed on us, so when we see a door closed, we simply give up and decide to stand outside and watch.

For all you know, it’s not locked; you will only find out when you push.

It’s not in the multitudes of words today, but I bring you a reminder: the door of opportunity may seem closed, ignore that and push; you will be surprised to see it open.

Don’t take no for an answer. Sometimes, the world needs to know who really wants it; if you do, then you will push.

Just because someone said no, just because you were rejected, because you lost once, because you failed, so you refuse to push?

Think about it: not all closed doors are locked; push!



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