No Wigs & Extensions: 8 Female Celebrities Who Rock Natural Hair

There has been a lot of talk these days about how our African women have deserted our culture and rather wanting to be like the white woman by bleaching, with the latest being the wearing of wigs which makes them look like white women.

A website documented the amount of money women spent on wigs alone and it was whooping. It’s also stated the effects of wearing these wigs. The story goes on and on.

So how is this trend emerging? When we checked, we realized it was emanating from our female celebrities because women love to do exactly what their favourite celebrity does and funny enough when we even tried to do a list on celebs with natural hair, it was difficult getting 10, but for those with wigs and weaves, we are sure it’s almost all of them.

But among all these western “wannabes”, we still have women who have decided to change their hairstyle to natural or carved an image for themselves that way and most men admire them and today we wish to bring to the fore, 8 of such celebrities and how we appreciate their stance.



When Becca started her music career, she started with the usual everyday lady’s hairstyle, but along the line we do not know who advised her, but she changed her brand and came out with a new hairstyle that makes her look more African and since then, she’s never turned back.

Becca now rocks a natural hair and it looks very beautiful on her, in fact it makes her look more beautiful and the image she’s portraying is selling her good, because whenever she’s out there, many see the real African in her.

Noella Wiyaala


Noella Wiyaala did a very good branding before making it into mainstream and one of such branding is the African hairstyle look and it did her good.

Her style of music, coupled with her image is perfect and we respect her for that and we wish she will never change, it’s a very good branding.


mzvee (2)

MzVee did a song and she said, “she’s a natural girl” and truly she is. Since she stepped on the music scene, her hairstyle has been unique and we’ve never seen her straighten her hair with any chemical or wear any wigs like most of our mainstream celebrities do and we respect her for that.

Lydia Forson

lydia forson 2

Since her first day in the movie industry and as long as we’ve known her, she’s always been natural. She started with an afro and gradually we saw her grow it into locks and it looks splendid on her and we wish to state that, it’s very beautiful and we admire her courage.

So far, she’s one of the main movie stars who has been bold enough to maintain this image for that long. We’ve seen many women in the movie industry start off with a natural hair and before we know it, there are into wigs and weaves too, but Lydia is one of the few women who has been very courageous in this situation and we admire her for that.

AK Songstress

ak songstress

AK Sonstress is a dancehall artist so we understand her looks. But we still have women who are also into dancehall but still wear wigs and so we need to commend her too.

Since she stepped into the music scene, she’s been very good at what she does and her image is one thing that also defines the true nature of the kind of music she does and we admire here for that. We encourage her to keep it up, because natural hair rocks.

Pascaline Edwards

She is one of the female pioneers in the movie industry and though she did not start with a natural look, along the line she decided to change into the natural hair culture and we saw her with dreadlocks later on.

The last time we checked, she was still in dreadlocks, so it looks like she’s definitely married to this new look forever.

Paulina Oduro

Paulina Oduro is popularly known for her features on music shows as a judge, but we’ve seen her in many adverts for MTN and some new movies and a lot of TV series. The TV icon though a veteran still looks very beautiful and one thing that stands out about her is her beautiful natural dreadlocks. At her age, you might think she will give up on the hairstyle, but she looks good in them and she’s an example of how beautiful African looks are.

Akua Blakofe

Just in case you’ve forgotten who she is, Blakofe was a presenter back in the days and also hosted the then Goldblast on TV3, now popularly known as “Music Music”. She was also a host on the popular African show on DSTV Carte Blanche. She’s also a good comedienne and has featured on many platforms in UK.

She’s a true definition of who an African woman is and not only does it show physically in her appearance, it is actually imbibed in her personality, because she’s the only woman who actually stands against the use of wigs and bleaching by our celebrities.

She practices what she preaches and comes with beautiful dreadlocks that makes her look younger than her age. Her grey hair line within her natural hair is beautifully lined like a silver lining, giving her that “glorifying” look.

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