No plant can solve Ghana’s energy crisis – Amissah-Arthur

Ghana’s energy crisis cannot be solved by a single plant, Chief Executive Officer of the Bui Power Authority, Amissah-Arthur has stated.

Mr. Amissah-Arthur said before the country can witness any margin of stabilisation in the power sector, majority of the country’s plants must be working at its peak.

“No single plant can solve the energy challenges,” Amissah-Arthur told TV3 in an interview.

According to the Amissah-Arthur, if the energy shortfall is bigger than what the Bui dam can meet, the crisis will still linger.

“Bui can only contribute its share for the others to play their part…that is how complex and how large the power sector has become now.”

Mr. Amissah-Arthur added that the current situation requires the Atuabo gas processing plant and the Akosombo dam to be working at full capacity to help stabilise the situation.

“[The situation] requires Atuabo to be working. It requires gas to be running. It requires Akosombo to be working” he added.

Ghana’s energy crisis has worsened over the last year with the Electricity Corporation of Ghana shedding over 200 megawatts.

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