No Ghanaian president can extend two-term limit – Mahama

President John Mahama has told Aljazeera that no Ghanaian President can arbitrarily extend his tenure of office beyond the two-term constitutional limit.

Answering a question about democracy in Africa and why some leaders on the Continent perpetuate their stay in office, the ECOWAS Chair said: “Well I can’t speak for other countries. I can speak for my country.”

“My country has a strict two-term limit and I don’t think that any president in Ghana can change that: it’s an entrenched clause in our constitution, very entrenched and I don’t think that any leader can change that or attempt to change it,” Mahama stressed.

He said, as far as the Continent is concerned, “…different countries have different constitutions,” adding: “…I don’t like to be judgmental.”

“I don’t think that democracy is a one size-fits-all situation,” President Mahama argued.

“I think that people have to learn democracy; it’s a process and as society advances, democracy will continue to take roots based on the culture and peculiarity of the people.

“This ruler that we use to measure every society, I think is not the right thing to do,” he contended.

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