No Dumsor despite Atuabo shutdown soon –Power Minister


Power Ministry has assured Ghanaians that measures are being put in place to prevent the country from being plunged into darkness, as Atuabo gas plant is to shut down for two weeks.

Deputy Power Minister, John Jinapor told JOYNEWS it is too early to draw any conclusion that Ghana will be plunged back into dumsor days again.

“Let’s remain calm as we are working with the engineers and they will advise us based on the available plants and we shall make that available.”

Mr Jinapor promises that the Power Ministry will try as much as it can to manage the situation as Tullow Oil plans to shut down the Jubilee FPSO from March 20, for two weeks.

Ghana National Gas Company has indicated that it will not be able to supply gas from its processing plant to the country’s power producers.

There are fears the planned shutdown may plunge parts of the country into darkness as thermal plants are likely to be starved of gas to produce power.

But Deputy Power Ministry John Jinapor says they are trying to avoid this.

“We intend to run thermal plants that can run on light crude. We are discharging additional light crude. However, the problem is that some of the plants run solely on gas like the AMERI. This leaves us with no option, but to shut it down because we do not have gas,” said Jinapor.

He added that the Ministry would look at all the other thermal plants and run the scenarios to determine how to manage the situation.

With Ghana starring the loss of some 250 Megawatts when AMERI shuts down, Jinapor says whether that will have a significant impact, the Ministry will analyze the situation and determine accordingly.

John Jinapor said light crude is currently being discharged, but remarked that not all the plants use light crude.



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