Nigeria’s University of Lagos closes over fuel crisis


Nigeria’s University of Lagos has been shut over student protests and the inability of people to reach the campus because of the ongoing fuel shortage.

A notice from the university gave students living on campus until 1000 local time (0900 GMT) to leave. It blamed the decision on the “agitation” over poor water and power supply and the “fuel crisis” meaning that people cannot get to class.

Nigeria’s current fuel shortage has led to long queues at filling stations. The country’s junior oil minister Emmanuel Kachikwu warned this week that if the problem is not solved then mayhem could follow.

The University of Lagos authorities said it took the move “to forestall a further breakdown of law and order on campus”. But the BBC’s Umar Shehu Elleman reports from Lagos that hundreds of angry students refused to leave the campus, and instead called for the vice-chancellor to resign.

The university has not said when the campus would reopen.


Source: BBC 

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