Nigeria promises more gas


Nigeria has promised to up its supply of gas through the West African pipelines. The development is expected to improve the power situation in Ghana and two other countries.

The assurance was given by Nigeria’s energy minister at an emergency meeting of energy ministers of Ghana, Benin, Togo and Nigeria on the contract over the West African gas project.

“Over the next few weeks, we expect additional volumes of gas to come into the pipelines,” stated David Ige, in a speech read on behalf of Nigeria’s energy minister.

He said an additional 200 cubic feet per day of gas is ready to be pumped into the pipelines in December.

“That is going to be increased within the first two months of next year.”

Mr Ige indicated that every increase in supply is expected to stabilise “and ensure the reliability of supply in the sub-region”.

He also announced that the capacity of the pipelines will be doubled for countries dependent on the West African gas project to record an addition in gas supply.

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