Newly elected Assembly members ask for monthly salary

1967052979239_848222036276Some assembly members are demanding government places them on the public payroll to earn salaries from the state.

This comes after they were sworn in yesterday in 275 districts, municipal and metropolitan assemblies after months of campaigning and making big promises to the electorate in their districts.

Some of the assembly members in the Yilo Krobo district in the Eastern region told Joy News they can be committed and work effectively if they are paid for their labour.

“We do a lot of things just like the MPs,” and we must be paid an assembly member said. Another supported the call for salary stating that they want salary and “not allowance which will enable members to do a lot of things”.

A female assembly woman conceded that working at the assembly is “tedious”, urging government to pay them monthly salary so that members would be devoted.

The concerns are shared by some assembly members at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

“Assembly members work more than MPs, so I think it would be best if assembly members are paid,” one said.

Even though they don’t enjoy the same benefit as Members of Parliament, their electorate go to them for financial support to pay school fees one of them added.


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