New water billing system will benefit customers – GWCL


The Ghana Water Company Limited has said the new method it has developed to bill customers is an improvement over the existing method and will enormously benefit consumers.

The company, according to its head of communications, Stanley Martey, wishing to break with the past of numerous complaints of irregularities and delayed billing, has developed a new system, which will ensure that bills are delivered instantly to customers after readings of their meters are done.

Previously, staff of GWCL visited homes of consumers to read meters and record consumption levels for the month, after which they returned to the office for generation and printing of bills and subsequent presentation to consumers, a procedure, which was slow and fraught with errors.

“It is for that reason that we have introduced a new billing and payment system,” Mr Martey explained on Ghana Yensom, Accra100.5FM’s morning show, on Thursday June 9, adding: “So, what we are introducing now is an instant bill. You get your bill immediately your reading is taken at your residence.”

This, he said, will be accomplished with an android device, containing the relevant data of all GWCL customers to be synchronised with the GPS locations of their houses.

Customers will have their readings keyed into the android device, which will generate a bill and send to customers’ phones via instant text.

He said any disparities can be taken up with the meter reader immediately for on-the-spot rectification.

Mr Martey added that the level of accuracy of the new system is very high and complaints of wrongful billing and non-delivery of bills will be done away with. It will also enable consumers to cross-check their bills with the readings on their meters even if they are done in their absence.


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