New register or voter validation may be the way out for EC – Ace Ankomah

The Supreme Court (albeit informally) has clarified its judgement between Abu Ramadan and the EC to the effect that NHIS registrants have to be deleted from the register to make it credible.

Following this, Ace Ankomah ( a renowned Ghanaian lawyer) has indicated that the way out for the EC is either to (1) compile a new register or (2) validate every voter on the register. According to both parties, the EC and Abu Ramadan are both in agreement that the register is bloated. As such it cannot be used for the 2016 elections.

Below is the full message he posted on his facebook message.

I think the Abu Ramadan matter should head back to court immediately. The Supreme Court has established that the current register is bloated and is neither “reasonably accurate nor credible.” In the words of the SC, “the continued presence of names on the register that derive their identification from the said [NHI] cards renders the register not reasonably accurate or credible.”

Both the EC and Ramadan agree on that. To my mind, we cannot go into an election with a register that all sides agree is not a true reflection of those with the right to vote? Because the presence of persons who are not entitled to vote on the register, has the effect of diluting or diminishing or reducing the weight of my vote. My right to vote is thereby affected negatively and impaired.

Methinks that unless the EC is able to establish that there is an existing or prospective legal process for deleting the NHI card holders from the register and immediately affording those who are citizens but registered with it, the opportunity to re-register to vote, we are either going to have to do either a verification or a new register.

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