New Kru Town Association In The Americas

ddAll roads lead to the South Eastern United States state of Georgia on August 14 as the New Kru Town Association in the Americas (NEKTAA) hosts its annual convention.

The convention comes at a time when sea erosion is threatening to wipe out D. Twe High School, the only public high school in the borough of New Kru Town, Monrovia, Liberia. According to the organizers, the convention will run from August 14-16, and will be held in Atlanta.

During the convention, members of NEKTAA will discuss several pertinent issues affecting the organization and the borough including the sea erosion which is raging havoc and is now threatening to wipe out D Twe High, the Redemption Hospital and nearby homes.

The members will also discuss the deplorable sanitary conditions, the over crowdedness, and the health and education needs of the borough. They are expected to adopt several resolutions aimed at working with the residents of New Kru Town and the Government of Liberia to address the many problems, including the sea erosion, confronting the borough.

A new corps of officers including president, vice president, and secretary, among others, will be elected during the convention. The elected officers will stir the ship of affairs of NEKTAA for the next two years. The key note address will be delivered by a former official of the Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Liberia, Mr. Kpanneh Doe.