New AppFactory launched to boost coding skills of Ghanaian youth


Mobile Web Ghana and Microsoft have launched Ghana’s first AppFactory to provide aspiring coders and software programming graduates with real-world experience.

Accra, Ghana {Insert date}. Mobile Web Ghana in collaboration with Microsoft are inviting youth with an interest in coding to join Ghana’s new AppFactory.

Only 40 of the most promising candidates will be selected for the programme, which will help them bridge the gap to full-time employment.

The Ghana AppFactory is the third Microsoft AppFactory in Africa, after South Africa and Egypt, which as part of the 4Afrika initiative have produced over one thousand Windows apps to date.

The AppFactories equip young software developers and coders with hands-on experience, while helping them build critical business skills to secure jobs or create their own businesses.

Participants will be mentored by senior software architects and app developers on how to design, implement and manage complex projects. “We believe youth have enormous potential to shape the technology we at Microsoft are creating, and many have brilliant ideas for an app, but simply don’t have the time or resources to bring it to fruition.

Our primary goal is to ensure that we equip young talents to get their ideas to market,” says  Derek Appiah Microsoft. Experts say the world is on the cusp of a 4th Industrial Revolution with many jobs being automated.

The jobs that will be in demand, creating over 2 million new jobs by 2020, according to the World Economic Forum, are either highly creative professions that can’t be automated or in computer and mathematical related fields.

“Coding is about art and mathematics, and in the age of digital transformation practical coding and programming skills are highly sought-after.” Critical thinking, collaboration and creative skills are also increasingly important for youth, helping them to excel at any job in the digital world.

“Companies are looking for people who can innovate. If we are to ensure that Africa is on the forefront of digital transformation and not just a consumer of technology, skills development is critical. Programming is an exciting industry to be in, with lots of areas of specialization, and more jobs being created each year.”

Florence Toffa, Director at Mobile Web Ghana, says, “Mobile Web Ghana and Microsoft have a shared belief in the value of practical experience in preparing ICT graduates so they are ready to hit the ground running in their choice industries.

I encourage Ghanaian graduates in the field of programming and computer science at various levels of education to apply for this wonderful opportunity.”

To be eligible for the programme, which will have two intakes over the next year, a candidate must demonstrate the following: A good understanding of the computer science discipline Coding proficiency in at least one high level programming language Problem-solving skills and a passion for technology Curiosity, communication skills and collaboration.


Source: Mobile Web Ghana