Neglected Wa School for the Deaf calls for help

As difficult as it is for students at the Wa School for the deaf to communicate with persons who do not understand sign language; they have been rendered incapable of speaking even among themselves at night.

Owing to the current unavailability of light bulbs on the school campus, students have been deprived of the ability to communicate with each other.

Speaking to Joy FM’s Upper West correspondent, Rafiq Salam, headmaster of the school, Babiina Samuel Babinuo explained that aside from the light bulbs fitted in the students’ dormitories, none exist on other parts of the over forty acre campus.

Mr. Babinuo explained that the pupils communicate through sign language and facial expressions; something that’s difficult to interpret without adequate visibility, and especially at night.

“We talk with our hands; we don’t talk with our mouths and the person who is listening will have to listen with his eyes. So if the person listening with the eyes can’t see then it will be useless,” he said.

He expressed concern over the inability of students to conduct prep in their classrooms in the evenings, and for their safety as they move about the campus; especially as streetlights, despite being wired, are also not fitted with light bulbs.

Of the three latrines, which serve over three hundred students on the campus, one is in deplorable condition; having been overtaken by weeds.

Despite school authorities closing the structure down and earmarking it for demolition, Mr. Babinuo stated that the students sneak out to attend to nature’s call at the facility, and raised concerns over the possibility of a student(s) falling into the pit.

He mentioned that the school has written to the Wa Municipal Assembly on several occasions to assist with demolition of the structure and has yet to receive a response.

Further deploring the lack of support to properly run the school, Mr. Babinuo said the buildings on the campus were in a state of massive disrepair.

He stated that a contractor had been brought in four years ago to renovate the buildings – to fix problems such as crumbling walls and leaky roofs. The contractor, however, only ripped off the roofs of some of the buildings, rendering some classrooms water-logged.

“The failure of the contractor to finish the job has hindered students and staff in several ways. Because it is a special school we are supposed to have about seven students in a class but we are now forced to have over twenty in a class,” he posited.

He lamented the unavailability of transportation for the school as all three vehicles for the school have ruined tyres which have not been replaced.

This unfortunate situation, he said, has resulted in the school mothers (teachers) piggy-backing sick children to and from the campus whenever they are in need of medical attention.

‘‘We are not fair to the school mothers; we shouldn’t use them like pack animals,” he concluded.

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