Nduom Now Turned Social Commentator


Founder of the Progressive People’s Party, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom appears to have given up on his Presidential dreams as he has virtually taken over the communications outfit of his party.

While almost all his colleagues who contested the 2012 elections have gained their respective parties’ nominations to stake another claim to the presidency, the successful businessman is yet make his intention known on whether to contest the November polls.

Barely five months to the elections, Dr Nduom is now preoccupied with writing controversial views on social media, particularly facebook, on almost all matters of national concern, perhaps; to court attention for himself.

Even though it is standard practice in political organizations that leaders of the parties make known their position on national issues either with the issuance of press statements from their offices, through the party’s communications outfit, or through the granting of official interviews, but, Dr Nduom’s present practice is the direct opposite.

This practice, fuming party insiders say, has “rendered our communications unit ineffective and redundant. When was the last time you heard our party issue a statement to state the party’s position on national issues? Everything now is about DrNduom. Things that should be put out there as party position are written on facebook in his name and media picks it and attribute it to him.”

A source, who pleaded anonymity, noted that “Dr Nduom has now become a social commentator and on daily basis he is on facebook and twitter writing in his name thereby, outshining the party…yes I agree, he may want to cash in on the advent of these mediums for easy communications, but some of the things that he writes must be in the party’s name…everyday Dr Nduom has said this.. has said that; so I ask, when will the media say PPP has said this or that?”

Comparing the activities of the affable 2012 flag bearer of the PPP to other political party leaders, the source said “look at Mahama and Nana Addo; they all have social media accounts and they are very active but their party’s views on matters of national interest are paramount through the issuance of press releases or statements.”

Dr Nduom has for some time now develop love for social media and has on almost daily basis raise critical issues on his facebook page, which have on most occasions gained media attention.
His recent comment on facebook which was widely reported in the media was his statement that Ghana does not need a holiday to commemorate the African Union Day.

He wrote, “Another holiday, to celebrate Africa Day? Why?I am for commemorating this day to remember those who fought for our liberation and independence and to think through what we must do to guarantee African people a high quality of life.

But we need to WORK for stronger institutions, good economies across the continent and prosperity for our people. These will not be achieved through holiday upon holiday. We lose productivity and reduce the opportunity to become competitive nations this way.
Let’s get rid of it. This will be on my hit list as the President of the Republic of Ghana.”

But a member of Dr Nduom’s party, (name withheld) criticized his approach, saying “these views could have been expressed through the General Secretary’s office for the whole world to know that it is PPP that is against the country declaring AU day holiday.”


Source: Al- Hajj

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