NDC will sell Ghana if… – Awuku

National Youth Organizer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) says Ghana will be sold if the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) is retained in power.

Samuel Awuku alleged that the NDC lead by President John Mahama only came to power to create loot and share at the expense of the suffering masses.

Speaking on Adom FM’s evening news Monday, the NPP youth leader opined that the Mahama-led administration has proven beyond reasonable doubt that it lacks the capacity to govern.

A party which promised a Better Ghana, he added, has rather exacerbated the plight of Ghanaians, majority of whom, are languishing in abject poverty. Sammy Awuku said he is perplexed at the level of incompetent leadership being exhibited by President Mahama.

In his view, the abysmal performance of President Mahama has cast a slur on Ghana’s international image as the shining example of Africa.

Citing the deteriorating socio-economic situation in the country to buttress his point, the NPP man believes it is about time Ghanaians show the NDC the red card in 2016.

“If we don’t vote these people [NDC] out in 2016, they will sell Ghana. They only came to loot”.

Sammy noted that as a responsibly opposition, the NPP owe it a duty to Ghanaians to expose to rot in government.

source : Adomonline.com