NDC NEC wanted me jailed – Carl Wilson


A Former Chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Committee and an NDC activist, Carl Wilson has revealed that the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ruling party wanted him jailed during President Atta Mills regime, because he stepped on the toes of powerful but very corrupt NDC members.

According to him, this was because he prevented these party heavy weights from benefiting from the corruption at the Tema Port.

Carl Wilson noted that his main objective during his tenure at the Tema Port which he described as a basin of corrupt activities, was to ensure that monies meant for state coffers were not diverted, an ambition he worked tirelessly to realize.

He was dismissed in 2010 by the President following numerous allegations of corruption in his management of confiscated cars.

After that dismissal, he continued working as a security operative, but his actions, which high-ranking officials of the National Security apparatus described as acts of misconduct, earned him another sack

He has now announced the formation of a new political movement – Move Ghana which among its aims is to canvass for nationwide support against the current system of the country’s politics in a bid to oust his former party from government, as well as preventing the largest opposition NPP from tasting power in this year’s elections.

But speaking on Accra based Okay FM, Carl Wilson rejected claims that he was corrupt in his dealing as the chairman of the CVAC, adding that he was tagged as corrupt by some NDC bigwigs because they wanted him sacked.

“I could have stayed in a beautiful office at the Castle but I told President Mills I want to station inside the Port. Tema Port everybody knows is a basin of corruption in Ghana, monies that are supposed to go to government coffers goes into individual pockets.

My brother, we worked…but that work alienated a lot of people in the NDC party who stood to benefit from the corruption at the port that time.

“They say Carl you are stepping on big toes, and I said Mr President the toe can be as big as this, as long as that toe is doing the wrong thing whether it belongs to my party or not I will not only step on it, I will crush it.

That is why Prof. took me as a son that is why it was difficult for them to convince him. Meetings after meetings when the whole NEC went to see Prof to jail me…use me as a scape goat. They said I was doing things that were putting the name of the party into disrepute. What was I doing, fighting corruption… putting the name of the NDC into disrepute how? So the President being a good person secretly investigated me three times, all the three times I came out clean.

Carl Wilson, who claims to still be an NDC party, said he remains unperturbed even if he’s sacked from the party.

“If the NDC wants to excommunicate me because I went outside and they consider that what I’ve done is against the tenets of the party, then I’m ready for it. But I’m standing for Ghana; if standing for Ghana makes me an enemy of the NDC then so be it, I won’t have any regrets over it.”



Source: kasapafmonline.com

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