NDC energy experts have failed Ghana – Kofi Adda

Former Energy Minister under the Kufuor administration says Ghana’s crippling power crisis is as a result of the “incompetence, mismanagement and corruption” by the governing National Democratic Congress.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Tuesday, Mr Kofi Adda said the NDC having served in government before, knows Ghana’s peculiar energy cycle and should have prepared for such challenges far in advance.

Mr Adda said in 2007, when his government was faced with a similar challenge, the self-styled energy experts within the NDC including Ato Ahwoi shouted on rooftops, pontificating about solutions they claimed would solve the crisis.

He wondered why in over three years the country has been plunged into a dire power crisis under the NDC government and yet the same energy experts who were loud during the NPP administration are still alive, but are unable to solve the problem

“Where are the energy experts”? he demanded saying “It takes 24 months on the average to implement thermal plants,” to resolve the crisis.

He did not understand why the power crisis would take over three years and yet the government has still not gotten a handle over this crisis.

He said the NPP government put in place a comprehensive plan to take the country out of the power crisis, but when the NDC government came to power, it aborted almost all the projects and that has led the country into this perpetual crisis.

He mentioned a power badge procured by the NPP and which had the potential of providing about 220 megawatts of power, but said when the NDC returned to power in 2009 they decided to abandon the turbine at Kpone.

He would rather the government take bold steps in investing in short-term measures that may prove costly but beneficial to the country in the long run.

Source : myjoyonline.com