NDC Decides: Member seeks to stop November 7 primaries

ndcA member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Okaikoi North Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, has filed a writ in court seeking an injunction on the party’s impending parliamentary primaries.

According to Mayor Agbleze, the party’s regulation on the number of years an individual ought to have been a member of the NDC before contesting in the elections, flies in the face of the 1992 constitution.Speaking to Citi News, Mayor Agbleze said the party must amend the published guidelines before proceeding with the primaries.

“The guideline states that if somebody picks up a form he should have been in the party for four years prior to picking the form and it allows you to become a member of the party at age 18. If you are 18 years old and you have to be in the party for four years to pick a form then you must be 22 years to pick a form and then you have a year for campaigning and election and the next government if formed in January 7 then you would be 23 years old.”

Mayor Agbleze explained that the constitution allows for people to enter Parliament at age 21 saying, “we are only asking the court to bring the NDC’s attention to that and behold upon them to correct it in their guidelines.”

“The NDC has to do what is right and bring itself in line with the provision of the constitution and so lies the matter,” he added.

source: citifmonline.com