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There appears no end in sight on the looting spree of the nation’s coffers by the NDC government. The display of legendary misplaced priorities by the clueless Mahama administration continues unabated. Ghanaians must rise up and demand accountability in the highest order or risk being saddled with a nation hopelessly more bankrupt than the state it was in when we had to declare HIPC. After finding $20 million to build an edifice of a party headquarters at a time when teachers and nurses go months without pay, the NDC has done it again, this time blowing $37.5 million on campaign vehicles.

When you have a political party more concerned about stealing elections than to implement programs that help the citizens, nothing comes as a surprise any longer. The NDC has spent $37.5 million on 250 Nissan Patrol vehicles earmarked for Campaign 2016. The vehicles are all 2014 models, purchased in Japan, but shipped to Amsterdam to be forwarded to Takoradi where there is little attention. They are aboard a vessel named Grande Argentina. The estimated arrival date is the 14th of November, 2014. They are all black in color.

One can be sure that with this expose the ship would most certainly be diverted elsewhere or other changes would be made to play “sulia” (the new NDC tactics) on prying eyes. But no amount of sulia can change the fact that this Mahama administration has completely lost its way. The president is currently touring Europe in search of financial aid but is rather getting lectured on governance by European leaders. The reason is simple: why should we give you money if all you do with it pilferage?

In a humorous quandary akin to American corporate CEOs who showed up in Washington DC with hat in hand begging for financial bailout while their private jets were parked neatly under-rented hangers at Dulles Airport, Mahama’s irresponsible use of government funds make his current trip to Europe in search of aid laughable.

In 2012 we know some selected chiefs were given Toyota Land Cruisers to bribe them into convincing their people to vote for “Edebii Keke.” Come 2016 we know the bribe would be 2014 Nissan Patrol vehicles. What we don’t know is the insultingly baseless campaign slogan they would use.

A very famous and wise leader once quipped about the NDC that it is a party that thinks of the next election but not the next generation. How apt. At a time when dumso is in full swing, our national debt has risen to almost GHC3,000 per citizen, up to 12 civil service unions are on strike over a litany of issues all related to lack of funds, children are dying of cholera because of a lack of resources to cater for them, etc, if this Mahama administration finds no problem in prioritizing the use of $37.5 million to purchase luxury SUVs for a campaign that is two years away, then our dear nation is in a really deep trouble.

Source : Public Relations Committee, NPP-USA

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