Nayele won’t benefit from Ghana-UK prisoner swap deal

8996943266027_4136308265073British High Commissioner Jon Benjamin has debunked media reports indicating that jailed cocaine trafficker Nayele Ametefe will be repatriated to Ghana as part of a prisoner swap deal with the UK.

‘No it is not true’ he denied a Daily Guide report.

The Ghana and UK governments signed a prisoner swap deal last Thursday. The deal will allow for the transfer of nationals of both countries who have committed crimes to serve their sentences in their homeland.

According to a Daily Guide report, Deputy Attorney General, Dr. Dominic Ayine signed the deal on behalf of Ghana. This makes Ghana the first country in West Africa to reach such terms with the U.K.

The Ghana Parliament passed the “2007 Convicted Prisoners Act” but the law is only implementable after Ghana signs a bilateral agreement with another country. A deal has been agreed with the UK but will need ratification.

Daily Guide inferred that the Ghanaian/Austrian Nayele Ametefe who has been sentenced to eight years, eight months’ imprisonment is set to benefit uner the new arrangement.

Nayele also known as Ruby Adu-Gyamfi pleaded guilty to carrying 12 kilos of cocaine to the United Kingdom and was jailed in January 2015.

But Jon Benjamin told Joy News the new deal does not take retrospective effect.

Jon Benjamin

“Her case is not within the remit of the agreement” he said

He revealed none of the 115 Ghanaian prisoners in the UK stands to benefit when the deal comes into force.

He added that six British prisoners languishing in Ghana’s prisons do not stand to benefit either.

He explained that once the two governments agree on which prisoners to swap, the prisoners involved have no option than the return to their respective countries.


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