Nana Ansah Kwao confirms relationship with Gifty Anti

46819684.295The internet has for some time been flooded with rumours of the seeming love relationship between television and radio personalities Gifty Anti and Nana Ansah Kwao.

While the media has been on their heels itching for concrete proof of their relationship, the two have largely been evasive.

Well Thursday, September 24 was different; the cat was finally let out of the bag.

Nana Ansah Kwao, host of ‘That’s My Opinion’ on Joy FM, who clearly had had enough of the rumours, came out with a confirmation.

The Chief, who goes by the stool name, Oyiakehyire Nana Ansah Kwao IV of Adumasa, after successfully hosting the Eid edition of the show sent a love quoted holiday dedication to Gifty.

An excited Nana said, “I take this opportunity to wish; probably this is going to be headlines tomorrow, my lovely, sweet, significant other half Gifty Anti a happy Eid. I wish you a very happy Eid sweetheart and enjoy your day.”

The chief, who is also the host of PM Express on Joy News on MultiTV, added that “Three minutes I will be off air, I will be rushing to you.”

Prior to the dedication, the closest Ghanaians have come to knowing of their relationship is when Gifty sparked speculations about who the lucky man is during an interview with DJ Black on the Weekend Warmer in July this year..

She disclosed that she had found “the one” and his initials are “…..N-A-K.”

The two are rumoured to be preparing to tie the knot soon.