NAGRAT blasts gov’t over unsustainable education programmes


The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), wants government to look beyond introducing social intervention programmes in the education sector, merely to score what it calls cheap political points.

President of the Association, Christian Addae-Poku, argues that government after introducing such programmes, has not been able to provide adequate funding to run and sustain them.

Addressing the media in Accra today [Tuesday], the President of NAGRAT, Christian Addae-Poku, called on the Government to intervene in this development or risk a disruption in academic activities.

He stated that “it is our belief that governments are quick to introduce various policies just to score political points but lack the will to carry them through. We have introduced school feeding programme, one child, one laptop, capitation grants, school uniforms and sandals to mention a few, all in a bid to score political points. What is the essence of a well-dressed child in a school, where there is no register to record the number of times he/she attends school?”

“How will a well-fed child achieve literacy and numeracy where there is no chalk? It is ridiculous to spend huge sums of money bringing new buses and vehicles when those already in the system are parked for lack of funds to purchase items like tyres and fuel as well as regular servicing. Have we forgotten that even the new vehicles still require servicing, or that their tyres will soon wear out? Where are we going? We need to be serious for once.”

Non-payment of subsidies

He also added that, they are at a loss as to what the Ministry of Education and for that matter the government of Ghana is busily doing if it cannot pay subventions to District Directorates of Education for the past four (4) years.

“How are the Directors expected to function? We are about to begin another academic year and transfers of staff will take place. How will transfer grants and transport allowances be paid? How will stationery be procured? It is a known fact that the Directors of Education literally go begging for stationery and fuel from the Heads of Senior High Schools. The same Directors are expected to supervise the Head of Senior High Schools. The sad state of our district offices extends to lack of or non functional computers, lack of or broken down office vehicles, lack of or broken down air-conditioning, lack of or broken down photocopiers among others.

NAGRAT therefore called on President Mahama intervene to get all outstanding subventions paid to all education offices.

The association also wants all salary and allowance arrears owed teachers paid. They threatened to advice themselves if all these demands are not met by the end of October 2016.


Source: citifmonline