My passion is to help the poor – Azumah Nelson


Boxing legend, Professor Azumah Nelson, has urged the rich in society to appreciate the fact that wealth is a form of blessing from God, hence the need for them to share it with the poor in society to glorify God.

He explained that he had always associated with the needy because he believed that his rise to fame was divine.

In an interview with VIASAT 1 television network last Friday, Azumah, knowing where he came from insisted he had always remained accessible to the ordinary Ghanaian.

“ I always share anything I have with the poor who troop into my house in their numbers as a way of glorifying God for blessing me with so much wealth.

“Some rich people in our society always forget that sooner or later, they will die, leaving all they acquired behind’, he added.

“It is for such reason that I have always been teaching my children to associate with the poor and needy in society, so that they will give willingly in their prime age,” he stated.

According to Azumah, one of his children had started learning the art of boxing, and has the potential to be a world class boxer in the future.

“ I occasionally take my children outside for dinner and teach them about the importance of sharing. I tell them , especially the boy who has started boxing, that soon, he will accumulate so much wealth, and when that time comes, he should not hesitate to share his wealth with the poor and needy in society,” he added.

source : Graphic Online