My hands are clean in GHC51m payment – Martin Amidu


Former Attorney General Martin Amidu has said he had no hand in the GHS51.2million judgment debt payment made to businessman Alfred Woyome, which the Supreme Court has ruled must be refunded to the state because it was ill-gotten.

Mr Amidu, in a statement, said contrary to recent claims by Mr Woyome that he (Mr Amidu) as Attorney General approved the payment of GHS14million of the GHS51.2million judgment debt, he did no such thing.

“I heard Alfred Agbesi Woyome, accuse me on Citi News on 24th November 2016 at the 5.30 pm news of having ordered or authorised the Ministry of Finance to pay him part of the GHC51.2million unconstitutionally looted by the incumbent Government for Woyome. I also heard him allege that I ordered or authorised a September 2011 payment of the loot which the Ministry of Finance paid to Woyome by transfer into his accounts. These spurious allegations are untrue and symptoms of mental exhaustion and stress coming from the lootee of the public purse.

“The fact that I had nothing to do with the authorisations written to the Ministry of Finance to pay any portion of the looted public purse to Woyome was already determined finally in the declarations made by the Supreme Court on 29th July 2014 against the looter Government represented by the Attorney General and the lootee Woyome with Austro-Invest Limited.

“The looter, the incumbent Government of Ghana, itself set up the “Commission of Enquiry Into Payments From Public Funds Arising From Judgment Debts & Akin Matters (2012/C.I 79)” of a sole Justice of its own choice. The independent Justice and his Commission found that I had nothing to do with the looted public purse. The looter Government accepted the recommendations of the report of the Commission as disclosed by the “White Paper On The Report of The Commission of Enquiry….(2012/C.I. 79)” at pages 3 and 4. The Commission of Enquiry commended me so highly that the incumbent looter Government which set it up, probably in the hope of finding anything against me, disgracefully tried to interfere with the Commission’s findings and recommendations commending my honesty and integrity in the matter,” Mr Amidu wrote.


Source: classfmonline