Muslim leaders urged to go beyond message of peace


Muslim leaders in the country have been urged to go beyond just messages of peace to the Muslim youth during the year of elections.

They have been asked to rather equip them with employable skills and sound education that will make them resist political violence.

There is a presumption that Muslim youth are the ones used by politicians to orchestrate violence during elections.

According to the Baraka Policy Institute, an educational policy think tank, it is because the Muslim youth are not better equipped with employable skills and are not encouraged and supported to do so. That makes them vulnerable and are often exploited by politicians.

At the inauguration of the centre for Islamic youth development, an Islamic centre in Cape Coast to train Muslim youth and help them acquire skills to be self sufficient, Executive Director of the Institute urged Islamic leaders to establish such centers in order to educate more Muslim youth, Prince Kwadwo Nyarko reports.

Haruna Sagun Said said “We need to give them some work to do, they need to go to school, they need to have hope and when they have hope, they will not allow themselves to be used by anybody.

“So going beyond talking and advising them not to engage in violent activities, it is important to create a future for them and that will take them from the hands of politicians and people who want to use them for their own selfish interests.”

The Central Regional Minister, Kweku Ricketts Hagan applauded the creation of the centre.

He pledged for and on behalf of the first lady whom he represented to, provide them with the needed support to achieve the aims and objectives of the centre.


Source: myjoyonline