Mtn Supports Cleft Lip And Palate Patients

klmMTN Ghana, the leading communication company in collaboration with Cleft foundation has organized party for children with Cleft lip and Palate deformity in Kumasi.

The party aimed at putting smile on the face of cleft and palate patients, who have been rejected by society, and to provide educational opportunity for them.

Cleft lip is a disorder in the face of children due to an opening in the upper lip that may extent into the nose either one side or both sides; whiles cleft palate is when the roof of the mouth contains an opening into the nose which results in feeding, speech, hearing problems, and frequent ear infections.

Cleft lip and palate also known as arofacial cleft are type of birth defect, which cause when tissues of the face not properly joining together during development.

The president of Cleft foundation Prophet Peter Donkor said the foundation aims to provide necessary support to aid the children and to make them happy as any other child ahead of Christmas.

According to him, these children suffer societal discrimination which create emotional trauma.

He said, function also aims to creating awareness of the disease and to educate public on that regard.

Mr. Charles Osei Akoto technical head of MTN northern sector in an interview with Modern Ghana indicated MTN is always in position to provide health and educational supports to the community.

“These children have potentials that can be useful to develop the country, and the foundation want to help them realize their gifts” he stated.


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