MPs, ministers are our biggest clients – Prostitutes


Some commercial sex workers in Accra have revealed how some high-ranking politicians, including Members of Parliament (MPs) and ministers, pay them huge amounts of money in exchange for sex.

Prostitution is illegal in Ghana punishable by fines and jail terms. But two of Accra’s commercial sex workers who appeared on Joy FM’s Home Affairs programme, Saturday said the practice is a flourishing one with high-ranking politicians and other officials always coming in as regular clients.

One of them said it is usually friends with links who will call to say, “I have this man or minister friend who wants someone to have fun with, so are you in or out?” and it starts from there.

They revealed that these men just ‘bundle’, meaning they drop huge bundles of cash which is usually much higher than what their rate for a particular time is.

Jane (pseudonym) one of the commercial sex workers in her mid-20’s said despite, “dropping the cash for us, they don’t even last long during sex.”

Narrating her experience, Hannah (pseudonym), 33, who said she had had sex with more than 200 men also disclosed that she had sex with some politicians who are aspiring for various positions and the situation “is not easy”.

Also, they said most of their clients are married men, although few unmarried men also come for the adventure and what Hannah described as,”guys who want to explore and have fun.”

They described the married men who patronize their service as those with ‘genuine needs’ apart from the fun they get from having sex with them.

According to Jane, married men don’t go on much during sex and they don’t last long as well.

She said they just want to be made happy, unlike the younger unmarried men who go on and on because they are much stronger which makes her detest dealing with them.

They revealed how weak family systems in the country is driving several promising Ghanaian youth into commercial sex work.



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