MPs’ drivers want offices, pay rise


Drivers of MPs of Ghana’s Parliament say they deserve to have offices of their own and also to be given access to their bosses’ offices within the Job 600 complex.

The drivers, in a press statement, complained that while MPs’ research assistants, who are mostly national service personnel are allowed unfettered access into Job 600, they are turned away from entering the same premises even though they chauffeur the legislators.

The drivers say they are also not happy about the sacking of food vendors from parliament’s precincts, who serve their (drivers’) culinary needs.

The drivers have also complained of poor remuneration. They say despite having written to the leadership of parliament for an increase in their wages, nothing has been done about it for the past four years.

As far they are concerned, their colleagues in some government organisations receive better treatment than they do, and are, therefore, appealing to the leadership of parliament to accede to their demands.


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