Mozambique drought leaves 1.5 million people needing help


In Mozambique, UN humanitarian agency OCHA says at least 1.5 million people are in need of help because of an El Niño-induced drought.

The weather phenomenon, which is characterised by warmer sea temperatures that can cause extreme climatic conditions, is credited with causing disastrous growing conditions in the southern African country.

This result is that 95,000 children are or will be malnourished in coming months.

OCHA spokesperson Jens Laerke says “The people who are mainly affected are rural populations, these are farmers; they grow mainly rain-fed crops, cassava, maize, millet, rice, beans, so there is a direct link between El Niño and the fact that they are in very dire straits at the moment.”

According to OCHA, a US$ 200 million humanitarian response plan for Mozambique has received only US$13 million in funding.

SOURCE: Daniel Johnson, United Nations, Geneva

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