Movement of ‘corrupt’ judges can’t be restricted – Lawyer

51209986.295A private legal practitioner, Nana Asante Bediatuo has opined that the committee set up to investigate the judges implicated in the judicial corruption scandal cannot restrict their movements.

According to the lawyer, the committee is only an administrative one established to investigate the judges and make recommendations to the Chief Justice.

“…I’m sure if there is a finding made against them; they will be removed from office but I don’t see how under these administrative proceedings, they could be restrained from leaving the jurisdiction,” he added.

Asante Bediatuo made the comment on Eyewitness News in relation to revelations by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, who claimed that one of the implicated judges, Justice Ajet Nasam has left the shores of the country.

Anas in an interview said that “I have my intelligence where he [Ajet [Nasam] is currently at …and I believe we will get there. I think that he outsmarted us and left but it’s not the end of the road yet.”

The committee inquiry has tried several times to invite Ajet Nasam to appear before it but has been unsuccessful despite announcing it in the mass media.
Ajet Nasam is among over 30 judges who were caught on camera by Anas for allegedly accepting bribes to influence judgments.

Several committees were subsequently commissioned by the Chief Justice to investigate the matter.

Asante Bediatuo further explained that the Attorney General can only repatriate Mr. Nasam only when he is formally charged with a crime.

“The AG would have to first bring a formal charge against him and then because he is out of the jurisdiction, find out where he is. If it is a kind of crime they can use Interpol and their extradition treaties with other government perhaps to secure his repatriation, yes, but they have to formally charge him on criminal bases,” he added.


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