Move With Lyrics By Celestine Donkor

When God speaks
there is a shaking that moves anything in your life eehh
In the beginning there was a shaking
that separated the waters from the skies
and the light from the darkness
And the spirit of God was hovering on the waters
causing everything to move
Move move move
As a child of God you have that spirit and power
in your hands you can cause things
to move in and out of your life
If only you believe (2x), stand boldly

And speak to the sickness, in your body
Declare your healing and receive it – receive it
Every hopeless situation, depressions
I command you to move – in Jesus naaaaame

Every mountain shall move
Any demon shall flee
Every shackle shall be broken in Jesus name

Se Nyame kasa, mepow nyinaa tutu makwan mu
Se Nyame kasa, niema nyinaa yeyie heeya!
Nyame ba kasa, fa tumi kasa
Fa gyidie kasa na ebeyeyie eeeehhyiiyeeee

Eyen yehh, mawu vi yen enye hehhee 2x
Nye maagble wo de akpo oooo yeehh
Alesi me no kpli Mose la
Nenema maano kpli woha
Amesi bobo no dzifovitola fe bebefe la heeehh
Maavo zame nodzi kple anutro si le vo lem le nkekemeo

And who art thou mountain, before me
I command you to move – in Jesus name
This barren situation, disappointments
and failure be removed in Jesus naaaame

Chorus 2x

Credit: Kofi Donkor