Montie trio: Criminals or heroes

graceIn a few hours to come, the Montie trio will be out to a rousing welcome. People will obviously troop to the premises of Montie FM and probably to gather at the party’s headquarters to celebrate those 3. They are heroes now.

We saw it, when Hon.(thus if he still deserves it) Eric Amoateng was release from prison. Party supporters and fans flooded the KIA to celebrate him. We saw it when Woyome defrauded the state of over 51 million Cedis by false pretence. They were there to celebrate him.

The case was not different when Sylvester Mensah, the former boss of NHIA was arrested/invited. Party offices were locked down to demand his immediate release. And it was all joy when he got his freedom.

We witnessed it again, when chairman Wontumi was arrested for assaulting an honourable member of parliament. Supporters were there for those same reasons.

The trend continued during the processes that led to the incarceration of the Montie 3. A vigil was held to “honour” them. The ordinary Ghanaian, the poor, unemployed etc massed up at the court premises as well as some selected offices. The “lords of our northern lands – the “Tindana’s” – deserted the gods and travelled that far to pitch at the Supreme Court where they earn for themselves the name “strange men”.

A few hours ago fans of Obinim were gathered at the Nima police station, some with children on their back to show solidarity to their “angel”. Lord, help us.

Where are we heading to?

To a society where crime is glorified and criminals are celebrated. To a country where commissions of enquiry are set to confirm corruption and indemnify the individuals against prosecutions.

To a country where corrupt official are invited to serve at the presidency. To a country where crime is being redefined to describe the hungry man who steals a goat to be able to put food on the table, pay his ward’s school fees and save his marriage. That is crime.

Gone were the days when women and the predecessors of King Ayinsoba – konlo mgberiba – composed songs to ridicule crime and foster behavioural change. Now, the songs are sung to eulogize offenders of the law.

This exaggerated religious addiction and political colors seem to be eroding our moral values and respect for the law.

Crime is no crime if you belong to some class. It’s instead heroic. Good luck to all those who shall go out there to welcome the montie 3. But please take care, Ghana loves you.


By: Prosper Apasera