Montie Gang Should Have Spent Christmas In Jail – CPP Vice Chair


The Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP)’s Second Vice-Chairperson wants a stiffer punishment for the two radio panelists and a host jailed four months for criminal contempt.

Instead of regaining their freedom by November, Susan Adu Amankwah says Godwin Ako Gunn, Alister, and host Salifu Maase popularly known as ‘Mugabe’ should have spent Christmas in jail.

She suggested that by the time they come out it would be a new year when people are making new resolutions.

There has been a polarizing debate over the propriety of a four months jail time handed down by Supreme Court judge, Justice Sophia Akuffo.

“We have been forced to act”, she said after listening to an extreme vituperative commentary of hate by the three on an Accra-based radio station.

The pro-government radio station, party supporters and ministers of state are calling on the president to exercise his powers and show mercy by reducing and or releasing the convicts.

A candlelight vigil was also held Thursday night.

But Madam Amankwah has expressed dismay at the new twist to get the criminals some reprieve. She said this call is exactly the mentality of the Montie FM squad when they attacked and demeaned the judiciary.

According to her, Mugabe and co were confident that they had the backing of government and the president when they went on air.

She said they knew that if push comes to shove the president would intervene, ‘we have a president who will release us’, she gauged the thinking of the fanatical group.

The CPP Vice-Chair said the convicts “deserve everything that they got” while she also blamed the managers and directors of Montie FM for creating and condoning an environment of hateful rhetoric on air.

“The managers set a certain tone or culture. If your culture is that people will go to do certain things and get away with it, they will push the limit,” she said