Mo nsom (Ghana Patriotic song)

Mo nsom mo nsom 2X
Mo nsom ma yɛnyɛ adwuma
Adwuma adwuma 2x
Yɛnfa moa adehye man yi
Ɛne yɛn ara yɛn yie yo
Aniha mu ni biribi sɛ ohia 2x
Sɛ yɛn anyɛ saa ɔkɔm beku yɛn
(Ɔkɔm beku yɛn)

Sɛ yɛn anyɛ saa ohia bɛto yɛn

(Ohia bɛto yɛn)

Ghanafo e
Ania mu ni biribi sɛ ohia 2x

Lyrics by Kwabena Boateng/GhanaCulturePolitics

Do you know the composer of the above? if so please let us know and we will credit him/her accordingly. Thanks.

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