Mo mma yɛnyɛ nea yebetumi moa Ghana (Patriotic song)

Mo mma yɛnyɛ
Nea yebetumi biara
Mfa moa yɛn man Ghan
Ansa na y`akɔ o 2x

Nananom mpanin ayɛ bi kɔ
Aduru me ne wo so
Sɛ yɛn nso sɛ yɛbɛyɛ bi ɛde atoaso

Sɛ ɔman yi bɛyɛ yie a na efiri me ne wo
Sɛ ɔman yi bɛyɛ yie a na ɛne yɛn ara
Yɛn ara yɛn bra
Yɛn bra yɛre bɔ yi
Ɛno na ɛsei ɔman anaa ɛyɛ ɔman yie (Repeat the last stanza)

Lyrics by Kwabena Boateng/GhanaCulturePolitics

Do you know the composer of the above? if so please let us know and we will credit him/her accordingly. Thanks.

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