Minister urges Telcos to take advantage of new technologies


The Deputy Communications Minister, Ato Sarpong has urged the telecommunication companies in the country to desist from opposing the proliferation of new technologies.

According to the minister, rather than openly calling for a stringent regulation of these new technologies, the telcos should learn to take advantage of them to expand their businesses.

Mr. Sarpong’s comment comes in the wake of a public outcry following a publication by the National Communication Authority (NCA) that it had received a petition from the telcos calling for a restriction on international voice calls transacted via the internet such as Whatsapp.

The NCA on May 11 issued a statement diffusing some claims making the round in the media that it is considering the petition by the telcos.

The telcos regulator argued it is yet to take a decision on the petition and assured Ghanaians that any decision taken would be in the interest of the nation.

But reacting to the issue, Mr. Sarpong said it is unthinkable to oppose technologies especially considering their many benefits to developing countries.

He argued, “As government and as regulators, I don’t think it is our responsibility to regulate technology and how it affects the lives of people”.

“We believe that it is the responsibility of MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] and regulators to take advantage of new technologies as we are doing”, he said.

He encouraged the MNOs to “look more into the future, change your business now to take advantage of new technologies and new trends that will come”.



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