Minister decries lack of fund for road maintenance

The Roads and Highways Minister has decried the lack of adequate funds for the ministry to execute many of the road projects in the country.

Alhaji Inusah Fuseini said the budgetary allocation and the Road Fund have been insufficient to fund the many backlog road projects.

“Now there was always a backlog of roads crying for maintenance and the resources that we have cannot cover all the roads,” he said.

The sector minister disclosed this to Francis Abban, host of JOYNEWS news analysis programme, PULSE on Monday, June 20.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the way most of the constructed roads are deteriorating at a faster pace in the country.

Sharing the misgiving of motorists who plough most of these roads, Mr Fuseini said: “Yes it is worrying when motorist drive on bad roads their cost of operation goes high and I was not at all surprised when I heard drivers complaining.”

He averred “Anybody who drives on bad roads [has] his cost of operation going high.”

The minister explained the maintenance regime of Ghana’s roads was largely supported by the Road Fund but is currently insufficient to guarantee such works.

According to him, since its creation, the Road Fund has never experienced huge inflows until 2016 which he described as a little satisfactory.

He was, however, optimistic that “with this new inflow into the Road Fund we should be able to do a lot of road maintenance activities.”

Responding to a question about duration, Mr Fuseini said the ministry is working to fix most of these roads “very soon.”

“When you wait for one, two, or three months and you don’t see any action then you call me back,” he told Joynews.

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