Methodist Bishop laments youth unemployment

61604345The Methodist Bishop of Kumasi, Prof Osei Sarfo-Kantanka, has expressed grave concern over the upsurge in unemployment rate among the youth in the country.

He said what was most worrying was the fact that university and polytechnic graduates have to comb through the streets in search of unavailable jobs after several years of study in school.

The Methodist bishop stated that the unemployment quandary in Ghana was gradually getting out of hands, so he passionately appealed to people in authority to quickly find antidote to it to save the youth from their distress.

He said parents and guardians all over the world expend huge sums of money on the education of their children with the hope that they would graduate and also support their parents.

The man of God pointed out that the trend had rather now changed in Ghana whereby university and polytechnic graduates become a burden on their parents even after school, adding that that the trend “is not the best.”

Prof Sarfo-Kantanka was speaking in an interview with DAILY GUIDE when Kessben University College in Kumasi organised a seminar to educate students on the choice of their courses in school.

The Methodist bishop hinted that the so much focus on theories in Ghana’s education system was contributing to the increase in the unemployment rate.

He observed that Ghanaians students lacked practical training, therefore, they seemed not ready for the job market after graduating from school, calling on universities and polytechnics to adapt to a more practical approach in their teachings.

“Our education system is not helping out human resource,” Prof Sarfo-Kantanka lamented, noting that his heart always bleeds when he sees universities and polytechnics graduating students into the business world annually with no work for them to do.

Kwabena Kesse, Chancellor of Kessben University College, stressed on the need for universities to assist fresh students to select the appropriate courses that would secure them jobs after their study.