Mepe RC JHS still deplorable; students bring sticks, straws to roof classroom


Teaching and learning at Mepe RC JHS in the Volta Region still take place under appalling conditions months after Joy News broke the story.

Students and teachers at the school located in North Tongu District of the Volta Region are on constant alert, fearing that the ramshackle mud building that serve as classrooms may cave in during heavy rains or strong winds.


However there is a new twist: students have been asked to bring sticks and straw to roof deteriorating classroom blocks.

“The situation is that terrible. So anytime it is about to rain, we have no option to close to save the lives of the students,” Headmaster of the school, Francis Nawokpor, said a year ago.

When the story broke in July last year, Mr Nawokpor explained the school is in the current state because for more than a decade, a project to construct classroom blocks has been abandoned.

Mr Nawokpor says efforts to get authorities to assist the school has hit a snag, instead he has been condemned by government officials for assisting the media to make the deplorable condition at the school go public.



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