Materials And Techniques Of Weaving

Asante KenteKente weaving apparatus are considered scared and are therefore according a great deal of respect.

They are normally hand-made by the weavers or by specialist who know much about the apparatus. Yarns are used for weaving and they comes in different colours. In the olden years yarns were either spun locally or cotton and silk imported from Asia and Europe. Today there are so many factories which produce cotton and silk for this industry.

Weaving is done in strips about 4 inches wide. Several strips are carefully arranged in accordance with the name of the cloth and sown together to obtain the size. On the average a man size cloth measures 24 strips (ie makes it 8 feet wide and 12 feet long)

Men usually wear one large piece. Women also wear three pieces of various sizes ranging from 5-12 strips (20-28 inches wide, an average of 6ft long). Quality weaving is taken into consideration in determining the overall quality of the cloth. Cloths with more tightly woven motifs and more weft- face patterns are of higher quality than those with many areas of plain weaves. &