“Marriage Is A Task For Showbiz Persons” – Kwabena Kwabena


Showbiz personalities, like many other people, are usually pressured to get married when they are of age and still single.But celebrated highlife maestro, Kwabena Kwabena, has frowned on this act and given reasons marriage should not be forced on people.


In connection with Nigerian musician, Dbanj’s recent refusal to get married in spite of all the pressures being mounted on him to do so sooner, Kwabena Kwabena on the Celebrity Fun Zone show on Viasat 1 last Saturday proclaimed his support for the former’s decision. “I can understand Dbanj from a certain point of view. Nobody should push him to get married. He needs to make that decision on his own and that’s the only way he’s going to stay married,” Kwabena said.”It’s a quiet a task for people in our business to be in marriage. You need a lot of support from your spouse. What we do is very difficult for our partners to handle. I know it’s difficult for my wife to handle the odd hours and all,” the Tuamudaa singer added. Kwabena Kwabena went on to intimate that as someone in the limelight, he remains faithful in his marriage by respecting the fact that, he is a married man and thus focuses mostly on his job. Known in private life as George Kwabena Adu, the Aso hit maker, a draughtsman by profession who used to teach Pre-Technical Skills at the African School, disclosed he is never going back to teaching again. “I have a new album coming, so we’re preparing.


Kwame Yeboah and I have come up with an idea to suit the current highlife trend and still keep our songs timeless and classical. We would be releasing some singles off the album before the full album drops. Hopefully, Obi Asa would be released on 1st July. It has that bouncing 2016 thing,” Kwabena Kwabena concluded


Source: viasat1.com.gh

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