Manasseh Advises Justice Dery

Justice Dery has been on a suing spree since Anas Aremeyaw released the video on judicial corruption. Manasseh Azure Awuni has advised Justice Dery on his facebook page. See below for the full details.

Dear Justice Dery,

I don’t know who advises you, but let me offer you one unsolicited piece of advice.
I have seen the video of the judges’ scandal. I have read all the names of the judges. But if anyone woke me up from sleep and asked me to name the judges alleged to have taken the bribes in the video, the only names that would come to mind would be Ajet Nassam and yours. I had heard and read worrying reports of Ajet Nassam’s judgements in the past so when the scandal first came as rumours, I asked about him.

The reason your name would come to mind easily is because of the numerous suits you have filed in the wake of the scandal. Very soon the names of the other judges implicated in the scandal will be forgotten. But certainly not Dery.

My worry is that “Dery” is a common name in the Upper West Region. And many people who have no connection with you may suffer from the stigma attached to your name because of this scandal.


Tone down, my lord.

It is good to be brave and fearless but sometimes it is better to be a coward.

Should Justice Dery heed to Manasseh’s advice?


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