Manasseh is a LAZY-LYING-ARMCHAIR journalist – Sam George

Sam George has launched a scathing attack on Manasseh Azure Awuni for calling him (Sam George) a ‘liar’. Contributing as a member of the panel on the Newsfile show on 30/09/2016, Sam George indicated that the government had recovered all monies due to GYEEDA. Manasseh responded via text message to the show that the statement was not accurate because huge sums of money are still owed to GYEEDA.

Sam George later resorted to facebook to attack both Manasseh and Kojo Yankson for being liars.

He said:

“I realise the serial attention seeker, Manasseh Azure Awuni has decided to bring his petulance my way today. For starters, he has misrepresented the point I made on Joy FM’s Newsfile today. It is either palpable mischief or egregious ignorance.

I made the point that in the GYEEDA corruption saga, monies paid to rLG and Asongtaaba have been recovered in full with interest. I further stated that it was only CraftPro that was yet to fulfil its obligations. At no point in time did I reference SADA or any other programme of Government that involved any of the rLG subsidiaries.

This hate arm chair journalism which seeks to shout the loudest from the rooftop with sensational headlines without a real desire to see the betterment of our Nation is sickening and part of why little gets done by Governments because they know the very shallow journalists would not follow up on their story but jump unto the next ‘leaked’ story.

Manasseh should shut up, get off his high horse and do what a real journalist who is interested genuinely in protecting the public purse would do. Go to the A-G and EOCO and demand proof of payment. If he seeks a liar, he should look no further than his nose. His recent claims of graft against Hon. Haruna exposed his pettiness and tardiness. He has a ready lying ally in his colleague Kojo Yankson who told a clear lie about the A-G.

I will not have attention seeking neophytes jump around my ‘yard’. He can take his chicken bravado next door. Sam George has very little time for tomfoolery. Manasseh Azure Awuni, notice is hereby served!”

Following the above banter, OccupyGhana has published details of amounts due to GYEEDA (as captured in the 2013 Auditor-General’s Report) as follows:

Amounts owed to GYEEDA

Further details of the above amounts are as follows:

(i) youth in dressmaking, bead making, drum making and carving. Amount owed GH¢1,843,225.
(ii) youth in smock making, tie & dye, soap making, carpentry & joinery. Amount owed GH¢25,620,075.25
(iii) “interest-free loans” of GH¢42,268,520.

Youth in ICT. Overpayment of GH¢4,498,593.

Overpayment of GH¢8,076,490.40

“interest-free loan” GH¢7,958,807.39.

“interest-free loans” GH¢527,925.

Loan of GH¢75,000 to be paid over 6 years but allegedly converted into working tools. Auditor-General disagreed.

“set-up fund” or “loan” GH¢53,490.

“interest-free loan” GH¢300,000. However, by a letter dated 2nd June 2015, from Centre for Development Partnership (CDP) to Occupy Ghana, they denied every receiving the loan amount. Our demands to the relevant ministries and agencies for a response has been ignored.

“Set-up funds” or “loan” GH¢1,320,000.

Sham consultancy services and oil & gas training. GH¢15,133,596.05.

“advance payment” GH¢278,000

OccupyGhana then asks a question:

Can Mr. Government tell us when these monies were paid, how much was paid and how much interest was paid on them?

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