Manasseh Challenges Omane Boamah: Update us OR tell us YOU LIED:

omane boamah
This man is called Dr. Omane Boamah. He is the Communications Minister of the Republic of Ghana. This man has not stolen from my barn. Neither has he mounted my wife. For this reason, I don’t have anything personal against him.

My followers on Facebook will recall I praised him on my wall last year. I said I admired his simplicity. Even though he is a substantive minister of state, he was driving himself and he had no police escort, while deputy ministers such as Joseph Yamin often came to Multimedia with police escorts and drivers. I greatly admired him.

The reason I seem to be on him these days is because he did something a day to the Talensi parliamentary by-election a month ago. He said someone who was plotting to rig the election had mistakenly called and texted the Upper East Regional Minister with details of the plot. Apart from the text message, the Minister also recorded the said call.

Dr. Edward Omane Boamah rushed the media with the information and promised to get to the bottom of the matter. He wrote a letter to the National Communications Authority requesting details of the number which had called the Regional Minister and sent the text messages.

He leaked the letter to the media and promised that by Friday July 10, 2015, the NCA would have provided him with details of the caller.

I wrote an article the day the news broke, analysed the situation and concluded that the Minister could be lying unless certain answers were provided. That night, Dr. Omane Boamah sent me a Facebook message indicating that he would prove me wrong and I would learn never to rush to counter people like him.

It is almost a month. The last time I heard from Dr. Omane Boamah was when he commented on my Facebook post on the matter and said he would not be intimidated by journalists like me, and that he had his own timelines.

As I have already stated, I don’t have anything against Dr. Omane Boamah. I just want him to redeem his image. Journalists in this country have been sleeping for far too long so such important government officials get away with whatever they tell us, irrespective of how serious the issues are.

I want to remind Dr. Omane Boamah that he is the official spokesperson of Government of Ghana and I take whatever he tells me seriously. He should come out and tell us what he has found. He should give us update.

If, on the other hand, what he said was a deliberate lie for a particular effect, then he should come and apologise to the good people of this country. When that is done, I will not talk about this issue again.

Until that is done, he owes not only me but the people of Ghana and explanation about the caller who was planning to rig the election.

I have decided not to forget. And Ghanaians will not forget this case. We have to instil some sanity into national discourse, for Ghana must work again!

Source: Manasseh’s FB page

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