Mali military camp attacked by armed men, casualties unknown


The Nampala military camp in central Mali, has been under the control of heavily armed men from the early morning of Tuesday after they launched an attack on the camp. The number of casualties is still unknown.

“Early Tuesday morning, heavily armed men attacked the Nampala camp,” a source in the town said.

Nampala is about 514 km from the Malian capital Bamako. The town is also close to the border with Mauritania.

Early Tuesday morning, heavily armed men attacked the Nampala camp.

These attackers’ identities remain unknown, further reports say they arrived in “very equipped vehicles.” They entered the camp, attacked the soldiers who were there and partly burned the camp.

For now, it is difficult to make an assessment, because the attackers according to reports still have control of the camp.

“I saw a lot of smoke from the camp. The attack was well organized I think,” the source said, adding that residents were hiding in houses.

No claim has been made yet, but the location of the Nampala camp casts some doubts on who might be responsible for the attack.

The center of Mali which hosts the military camp is also home to advocates of the Macina Liberation Front. The group is affiliated with insurgent group Ansar Dine and both regularly claim attacks in northern and central Mali.

The group appeared in early 2015 and is led by the radical Malian preacher Amadou Kufa, a Peul. Since 2015, the jihadist attacks that were previously concentrated in the north of Mali, started extending to the center and south of the country.


Source: africanews