M’akoma(My Heart) Lyrics by Christian

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(Sung in Twi)

Verse 1:
M’akoma, me di a ma wo o, Agya ei (I give my heart to the Father)
Me di a ma no, me di a ma wo nkoaa (I give it to Him, and Him alone)

Verse 2:
Akoma yi mo na bƆni nyinaa firi ba (All sin emerges from this heart)
Awudi, atorƆ, ne nnaadaa (Murder, lies and deceit)
εni nia εkika ho nyinaa (And all others)

M’akoma yi (This heart of mine)
M’akoma yi oh oh (This heart of mine)
Me di a ma no yi, me di a ma no nkoaa (I give it to Him, and Him alone)

Verse 3:
Sε akoma yi ti w’asεm mo a (If my heart dwells in your word)
Na Ɔbrε ni ho ase ma w’asεm ma w’asεm no, o (And it submits to your word)
Nso miri tia’m Ɔnkae me o (I remember it immediately)


Verse 4:
Sε ma nfa amma no a, mε kƆ owuo’m
(If I don’t surrender my heart, I will have no life)
Na sε me di ma no nso a mε nya nkwa, Nana, ei
(If I surrender it to you, my King, I will have life)
Me di a ma no, me di a ma wo nkoaa (I give it to Him and Him alone)

(Chorus) + (Verse 1) + (Verse 4) + (Chorus)

Me gyae m’akoma yi ma wu o (I surrender this heart of mine to you)
Fa me yε nia w’ara wo pε (Do with me as you please)
Na m’atumi ayε nia w’ahyε me nu o (So that I will do what you’ve called me to do)

TwurƆ w’asεm m’akoma mo (Write your word on my heart)
Na ma kai no aberi biara (That I may remember it always)
Firi sε me kwati w’asεm no a mε yε bƆni
(Because if I abandon your word, I will fall into sin)

Adlibs/Coda…[Me di a ma no, me di a ma wo nkoaa]


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