Mahama’s claim of creating jobs in his second term is an insult


In an interview with adwenpa news, Professor Alexander Ayogyam the Director of Research and Innovation at Kumasi polytechnic indicated that President Mahama’s claim of creating more jobs in his second term is considered an insult to Ghanaians.

He likened the Presidents claim to a scenario where a musician dances to his own music alone because the song does not appeal to the audience. He said the president is playing his own melody and dancing to it alone.

He was however surprised and disappointed to hear that Mr. Mahama was promising more jobs if he is given a second term.

Rhetorically he questioned, Does he think the voters for the 2016 elections are not residing Ghana? or they do not have eyes to see and ears to hear? Oh! Mr. President Ghanaians have respected you all along so please don’t insult us.

He said, logically before one raises a building, there must be a strong foundation to carry it. The question is simple, what foundation has the president built in his first term to guarantee these jobs in his “never to be” second term?

The president must not refuse to acknowledge that job creation triumphs under some key indicators such as; unremitting supply to electricity power, low interest rate, favorable exchange rate, access to capital, congenial atmosphere for investors, low import duty on raw materials, building confidence in Ghanaians living abroad and having innovative leaders just to mention a few.

Which of the above has the president addressed in his first term that makes him think that it is possible to create jobs for Ghanaians? These are the foundations necessary and sufficient for job creation in every country.

For this reason, any leader who dreams of creating jobs without first ensuring that the above issues have been fixed is a complete joker.

He said the four years Ghanaians gave to Mahama was enough for him to have built a track record to show that he is capable of creating jobs so we should entrust the country into his care for another four years. The president has not demonstrated any commitment towards job creation to assure us that he can improve. All attempts he made towards job creation failed miserably. We can talk of Mahama-Asugtaba collaboration towards guinea fowl rearing, SADA operations and even the already existing jobs in the school feeding program, NHIS with private clinics has collapsed under his watch. How can the Komenda sugar factory he just commissioned provide jobs if the electricity power to run the factory is this expensive? The shoe factory he commissioned at Atonsu in Kumasi is no more functioning. If a doubting Thomas visits the place today he will be disappointed. Even the Shea butter factory at Buipe (his own backyard) commissioned in 2012 has grounded. He said the President simply does not have what it takes to create jobs. The best he can do is to commission factories but strategies to sustain them to help create the jobs are virtually absent. May be he does the right things at the wrong time and such models do not guarantee job creation.

The Professor Ayogyam therefore ended by saying that, the President is at liberty to campaign but should not be-little the intelligence of Ghanaians. He advised the President to be circumspect during his campaign because some messages may drive away his lovers.



By : Adwenpa

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