Mahama will poll 44.96% in December polls – Islamic cleric


An Islamic cleric, numerologist and philosopher, Sheikh Ustaz Sham-Una Jibril says President John Dramani Mahama will pull 44.96% in the upcoming elections.

That percentage, he said, will result in John Mahama not retaining the presidency after comparing him with former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.

“President Mahama of NDC has a lot of serious political similarities with Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and the two parties thus, PDP and the NDC also have things in common, and that is the reason for describing them as Political Siamese twins,” he said in a statement to

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One may ask the meaning of Siamese twins – from the biological point of view Siamese twins are twins who are conjoined or merged together thus, every part of their bodies are conjoined unless doctors operate to separate them in short.

President Mahama of NDC has a lot of serious political similarities with Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and their respective part parties thus, PDP and the NDC. They all have things in common, that is the reason for describing them as Political Siamese twins.

The NDC party symbol is an umbrella and Jonathan’s PDP in Nigeria has its symbol as umbrella as well. Surprisingly, both parties have the same Colors thus, Red, Black, White and Green.

Again, the first democratic elected President of PDP was a Military, Obasanjo ruled for eight years in the same vain the first democratic elected President of the NDC was a military ruler, Jerry John Rawlings.

Moreover Goodluck Jonathan was not indorsed by his master Obasanjo during the time he was lunching his campaign at Tafa balewa in Lagos when he was seeking for his second term in office in 2015. President Mahama was not also indorsed by his founder Jerry John Rawlings during his campaign lunch in Cape coast when he was seeking to continue for his second term of office in 2016.

Moreover Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria on Thursday 26th February, 2015 visited the Mubi-Baga troops in Borno State barely three (3) months to elections and wore a militaryuniform to boast the moral of the troops in battling with Boko Haram,.

President Mahama on the other part also on Thursday 11th August, 2016 visited Accra Burma Camp barely three (3) months to elections to commission a Navy Headquarters Complex and wore a Military uniform. In short the two events happen on ‘Thursdays’

Better still Goodluck Jonathan of PDP was alleged by some gross section of Nigeria Media and the main opposition party APC of flying with helicopter from the Southern part of Nigeria to Northern part. President Mahama likewise had the same allegation from the gross section of Ghanaian media and the opposition NPP.

Also, when Jonathan was targeting for his second term of office in 2015 the Emohua local government INEC office on 29th March, 2015 was burnt in River State, The same happened in Ghana on the night of 29th August, 2016 in (Tepa – Ahafo) Ano North Constituency in Ashansti Region of Ghana now that John Mahama is struggling for his second term. Coincidentally both events happened on ‘29th’

Beyond these, Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP suffered a lot of defections when he was tasty for Power in his second term. For example On 9th February, 2015 “Goodluck Jonathan campaign Security Chief in Edo State led over 3,000 people to APC” and many more defections. John Mahama and the NDC too suffered a massive defection for Example Recently at Kumbungu on 11th September, 2016 “Over 800 NDC members defect to NPP” and many more defections.

To write more Goodluck Jonathan continued Yaradua’s term in office after his death before the completion of his first four years – John Mahama also continue Atta Mills term in Office who died before his completion of his first four years.

Surprisingly, Goodluck Jonathan was born in November and John Mahama was also born in November.

By and Large the actual Spiritual figure that GoodLuck Jonathan of PDP should have scored is 37.84%, but due to Election malpractice by both the Ruling party and the EC or INEC, and the in vigilant of the opposition parties at the various polling centers shot the figure to 44.96% instead of 37.84%. Hence John Mahama and the NDC will also experience the same 44.96% instead of 37.84 in the 7 December elections.


Source: peacefmonline


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